Burgundy is a beautiful area to cycle, there are many offroad tracks but road cycling is a must. The area around Vergisson and to the West of the Soane has rolling hills with smooth and very quiet roads. You cycle through beautiful scenery with valleys of vines, forests through to open fields with hardly any major industry. The quiet roads on a sunny day make for a wonderful day out.
There are plenty of cafes in every village to rest and have a coffee and croissant (take care on a Sunday as many are closed and plan and book if you want lunch!).
Cluny is a beautiful town to the North and worth an explore with its Benedictine Abbey, narrow streets and lots of cafes and restaurants is worth a visit.
The old railway tunnel at Bois Clair is part of the voies vertes system and is fun to cycle through. It is closed October to March to protect the bats – don’t worry the lights in the tunnel keeps them asleep during the day.
In the South, head for Mont Chonay, Mont Clair and beaujeu rolling through a series of small villages and enjoying some ascents with the welcome descents.

Bike hire is available from the excellent tourist office at Charnay lès Mâcon.

In the long term, the “Voies Vertes” will be linked to a larger circuit, making it possible to “cycle around Burgundy”, a loop more than 600 km, linking with cycling paths crossing Europe.

Address : 2727 route de Davayé 71850 Charnay-les-Mâcon
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