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White Wine: Pouilly Fuisse (Vergisson)
Macon Villages (Bussieres)
Name of Winemaker: Roger and Christine SAUMAIZE
Type of wine/grape variety: Chardonnay
Vineyard Positions: Pouilly Fuisse: All aspects (see details)
Macon Villages: North West
Soil: Calcaire a Grissees; Argile de Trias/Calcaire; Calcaire Jurassic
Permitted Yield: Pouilly Fuisse: 58/60 hectolitres
Macon Villages: 68 hectolitres
Average Vergecosse Production: Pouilly-Fuisse: 2700 bottles
Macon Village: 1650 bottles
Harvest: Manual (Sept/Oct)
Bottled: August

Vinification Technical Information

Length of time in tank: Pouilly Fuisse: 12/20 hours
Macon Villages: 8 months
Length of time in oak casks: Pouilly Fuisse: 10/11 months
Type of oak: French (Vosge or L’Allier)
Barrel Supplier/ Manufacturer –Romaneche Thorins or Mersault
Fining: Betonite (Clay): 3/4 weeks
Additional info: Wine made Bio Dynamic for 8 years. Non classified.
Treatment: All Natural Products
Cellaring: Pouilly Fuisse: Can keep well up to 8/10 years or even longer. Optimum drinking age 2 / 4 years
Macon Villages: Drink 1/3 years of age.
Distribution: France & UK
UK Distribution: Wine Routes (Lawmuir Ltd)
Tel: 01738 840 888
Fax: 01738 840 079
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